How to get your offers accepted in 2021

Here is a 7-step guide to getting your offer on a home accepted in 2021’s market.

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With interest rates at an all time low and demand at an all time high, purchasing a home can

be almost impossible even if buyers are well qualified, motivated and have a real estate agent. 

The problem is they have the wrong agent.  2020 was incredibly hard for buyers to purchase

homes, yet I got everyone one of my buyers the exact home they wanted, 100% percent of

the time.  So how did I do it?  Why did they choose my client’s offer over the other 5,10,15

other offers?  It’s actually quite easy….

1.      Buyers have to be totally committed to buying – meaning they are pre-approved and

ready to see any home within 24-48 hours after it hits the market. The homes sell fast. It’s a

race and sometimes and very often the first offer, especially during Covid, gets the home.

2.     I submit with the offer, the pre-approval letter, proof of funds and a personal letter from

the buyer (the personal letter will be specifically tailored to each seller).

  Write your best offer right out of the gate and immediately.

3. If the buyer has the means, a larger than normal Earnest Money Deposit shows how

committed the buyers are to following through with the purchase.

4.     We shorten up some of the contingencies periods and inspection times (contingencies
run from 17-21 days which is about a week too long).

5.     Write your best offer right out of the gate and immediately.  You may not get a chance

to raise your price if there are several offers.

6.     Look below your maximum purchase price range.  If your max purchase price is 500k

then you should only be looking at homes with an asking price of 475k and lower.  This will

allow you to go up to 500k to get the house.  Most buyers look at their max price, which is a

big mistake, because they have no room to negotiate.

7.     Let me do the rest…I’m going to call and present the offer in person or on the phone in

a professional manner (18 years of real estate experience has taught me what sellers and

listing agents like to hear from buyers agents).  The offer written will not have any mistakes. 

I will give the agent a background about my buyers and myself.

If all this is done correctly you should have no problem owning the home of your dreams.

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